What We Do


Provide Addiction Treatment

Support for Harbor Area Women’s Lives is a three-month residential recovery program for 13 homeless, addicted women which provides comprehensive services and treatment for women who are attempting to end their addiction, live a life free from violence and become self-sufficient.

Provide Domestic Violence Education

Understanding the correlation between substance abuse and domestic violence SHAWL offers a variety of training and programs.


Provide Effective Job Training Opportunities

We partner with another non-profit called Working Wardrobes to provide our residents with a 6-week program, three times a year that covers several job-related topics.

Connect Residents to Resources

Often times, while working with their case manager, residents will discover that they have very specific needs and referrals to outside agencies are discussed and given at this time based on the need of the resident.


Provide Transitional Housing

The SHAWL Organization has two transitional housing facilities that aid women as they are transitioning from the primary 3-month program.