Provide Effective Job Training Opportunities

what-we-do_4 what-we-do_5what-we-do_6An important aspect of long-lasting recovery from drugs and/or alcohol and the ability to live violence-free is the opportunity to become self-sufficient.  At SHAWL, we believe it is important for a woman to become self-sufficient. We work closely with residents to ensure they have the proper tools before seeking employment including:

  • Job Search Information
  • Working on a Master Application
  • Preparation of a Resume
  • Job Interview techniques and run-through practice
  • Availability of interview clothing

Currently, 95% of residents who complete SHAWL’s Primary Program and move to transitional housing obtain employment by their 2nd month in transitional housing.

Additionally, for those residents who want to go back to school to either obtain a GED or begin higher education, our case managers work closely with residents to ensure that the steps needed to obtain these goals are completed.